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Book Editing Services 

Pace Editorial Services works with authors in a variety of categories and genres including the following:

Academic Writings 

  • Journal Articles

  • Dissertations

Autobiography ​


Christian Literature 


Creative Nonfiction 




Non Fiction 




Writing Services 

Whether you have a just few ideas or rough copy of those ideas, Pace can provide the writing expertise to transform your ideas into a publishable manuscript.
  1. Copywriting

  2. Co-writing

  3. Ghost writing

Editing Services  

Our editors perform developmental and extensive editing as well as basic and line editing. They analyze the manuscript and look for overall organization, clarity of the main thesis, word choice, and consistent voice. If references are used, they are checked for accuracy and correct citation format.

  1. Developmental Editing

  2. Line Editing

  3. Copy Editing

Publishing Services 

A manuscript must be well-developed and free of grammatical and typographic errors before going to print. Correct placement of illustrations, pictures and other images is also important. We pay special attention to these details until the publishing stage is complete. 
  1. Book Manuscripts

  2. Journal Articles 

  3. Theses

  4. Dissertations

Identifying the ideal publisher for your work is time-consuming, but it also demands knowledge and experience of just the right company. We work with several publishers and will facilitate the process on your behalf from manuscript submission to published book or journal article gaining your input and approval during every step.

  1. Facilitation of the Publishing Process

  2. Manuscript Submission

  3. Proofreading Galleys

  4. Follow-up through Publication

 Proofreading Services
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